Since our blog was inspired by Richard Sherpard’s Linguini Incident, it only seemed logical to attempt to get an interview. My sister scoffed at the idea, how could a small, beginner’s film blog get an interview with a director? But, Richard Shepard kindly accepted and here we are with, what I hope will be, the first instalment of our interview.

While watching the movie,  few questions came to mind, but which ones could I ask… Here are my first questions:

JJ. Wooden: What was your inspiration for the Linguini Incident and what films influenced your style? Did you have a precise idea of where you wanted to go with the film?

R. Shepard:It’s been about 27 years since Tamar Brott and I wrote THE LINGUINI INCIDENT. I actually don’t remember what the inspiration was. We were both into magic. Tamar had been a NYC waitress. I do remember we went to Reno a few times and stayed in cheap hotels and wrote the script. In Vegas Tamar saw a ghost in the old Sands hotel. I do remember that. As for the title we both wrote ten words and put them in a hat. We then pulled two. Linguini and Incident.
We wanted to write a female driven film. And we wrote it without concern for financing or casting. Just to write something odd and unique and for us. We wanted Richard E. grant for Monte (I later worked with him on my Jude Law film DOM HEMINGWAY) and wanted Madonna to play Lucy . We sent Bowie and Jagger the script on a lark to play the Andre Gregory/Buck Henry roles. We never heard from Jagger, but Bowie got back to to us and said he wanted to play the lead (!). that was crazy. I remember flying to Philly to meet him as he was on tour. I was unconvinced as only a stupid bratty 24 year old could be about Bowie starring, so i flew there to meet with him,and of course was completely convinced he would be amazing. Rosanna read the script in her agents office and contacted us out of the blue. Marlee matlin also contacted us out of the blue and we changed the role to make Jeannete deaf. The script had a weird traction in Hollywood. The movie, unfortunately never quite found the zeitgeist . You should read my filmmaker magazine article ESCAPE FROM MOVIE JAIL
to fully understand the original reaction to the movie…

JJ. Wooden

(Thanks again !)