WARNING: This article is hyperbolical

Ladies and gentlemen,

There are many idiots on this planet, and when I say “many” I mean an enormous amount. But none greater than the person in Hollywood, evidently starving from the apparent lack of money, who one sunny day said:

“Hey! Why don’t we reboot a beloved franchise that defined the childhood of an entire generation of kids, by taking out all the charm the original ones had, and even better let’s recast all the actors! Why? That’s perfect”

No, no, this is all but perfect.

You know what would have been perfect? Leaving this MASTERPIECE of a series alone!!!

Now, you’re thinking: “Masterpiece? Really? They’re funny, but not great”

Oh, but they truly are. Those three movies are The Godfather series of my childhood. Think about it: the first ones are the basis, the second are the classics, and the last ones are kind of disappointment compared to the other two but are saved by great moment.

Now reader you must understand one thing, if we want it or not, we are all WIMPY, and I, in primary school, was the greatest wimp of all. You could say I was a combination of Greg, Rowley and above all Fregley. One great rule of comedy this series understood was that the movie mustn’t laugh at you but with you. It was a moment of relief, to watch kids like me who also got into embarrassing situations, but showing that they are not dramatic but hilarious helped me alot. However, the life lesson that must be taken away from these movies is that: “Kids, don’t give a damn what people think of you”. At the age of nine, I needed to hear that.

I feel that the show Freaks and Geeks was the main source of inspiration for the series of books, except the later has more of a naïve touch compared to Apatow’s cringe worth realism, and yet they both share a love for the outcast while always keeping the ironic look.

What brings the series to the level of a masterpiece are the set pieces, ask any one if they will ever forget the sleep over at Fregley’s, or the church scene with poop, or Rodrick singing Baby.

And let’s talk about the cast, whatever they do there will ever only be ONE Greg, ONE Rowley and ONE Patty Ferris (oh, the Dad! Remember the Dad?) and … One Roderick. Yes, I’m sorry but Roderick is not Lord Farquaad in Shrek, no, he’s this dirty dweeby idiot with a heart of gold, pathetic and yet… kind of cool.

Look, Hollywood, I know you’re desperate so you go in the garbage trash of the past to regurgitate everyone’s childhood memories in some deformed and flawed way (Power Rangers? Seriously? Have you nothing better to do?). But this? This is too soon, to fresh in my memory, I just left childhood, couldn’t your bank account wait another ten years (not like this one will make any money). At the end of the day, I don’t care, I’m not going to see this one, but please have respect for the movies you make, because this Roderick … is not respectful for the viewers, for the actor who used to play him and even for the actor playing his now.

Overall, #notmyrodrick.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually feel this intensely for the series, this article is meant to be hyperbolic, I just think it’s underrated.